Planet Harvest

Planet Harvest

We envision a future where no fruits or vegetables go to waste and all produce is created equal.

Our Mission

To revolutionize the way people enjoy fresh produce, making it more accessible and convenient by refining supply chains and introducing rescued produce into their daily lives, all while championing a sustainable future.

Our Solutions

Find innovative ways to increase consumption and drive access for all people

Repurpose excess produce by offering a full harvest solution for growers

Optimize supply chain: pricing, product quality, and last mile distribution

Align with mission based customers looking for climate smart solutions

Our Team

The Planet Harvest team collectively brings more than 50 years of experience in the produce industry working across channels including manufacturing, distribution, retail, food access, and logistics. Our established network of 100+ perishable distributors nationwide ensures fast and nimble speed-to-market and ease of launch.


“I’m dedicated to advocating for the importance of consuming the entire harvest and highlighting the environmental impact of waste contributing to climate change. My goal is to revolutionize perspectives on eating habits. Every fruit and vegetable, regardless of size, holds beauty inside and out.”

Melissa Ackerman, Founder & CEO